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The Most Beautiful No-Bake Cheesecake Ever


No time spent baking means there's more time for eating this absolutely gorgeous little number.



  • 150 grams canned peaches
  • Red food coloring
  • 10 plain cookies
  • 40 grams unsalted butter, melted
  • Mint
  • 100 grams plain yogurt
  • 50 milliliters milk
  • 70 grams peaches, chopped
  • 10 grams powdered gelatin
  • 100 milliliters hot water
  • 200 grams cream cheese
  • 40 grams sugar
  • 150 milliliters syrup from the peach can
  • Red food coloring
  • 3 grams powdered gelatin

Let's get Cooking...

  1. Slice canned peaches thinly. Add in 2 tablespoons syrup from the can with just a touch of red food coloring and mix well. Set aside for 1 hour as we'll be using this later.
  2. Put cookies in a ziploc bag and crush until they resemble coarse sand. Combine with melted butter and press onto the bottom of a round cake pan. Chill in refrigerator.
  3. Move onto the next step when the cookie crust is almost ready. In a bowl, combine plain yogurt, milk, cream cheese, sugar and chopped canned peaches and mix well. Add in the gelatin and mix until ingredients are combined. Pour mixture into the cake pan and refrigerate.
  4. Once it has firmed up, take out the sliced peaches out of the refrigerator. Arrange the slices on top, making it look like a rose.
  5. Combine 150 milliliters syrup from the can of peaches, a tiny bit of food coloring and 3 grams powdered gelatin. Microwave until hot. Once the mixture has cooled down, pour over the cake and refrigerate until firm.
  6. Decorate with a sprig of mint. Slice and serve.